10 Reasons to Switch to Cloth Right Now

10.  Disposables smell funny - I don't know about you but bodily fluids should smell like, well, bodily fluids not some funny, slightly off-putting bad perfume.
9.  They're easy - I dare you to try cloth for a month and go back.  Modern cloth diapers are simple to use and care for.
8.  No more last minute trips to the store - You'll have everything you need at home.  Running low on diapers, just wash some!
7.  Cloth diapers are luxurious - Bamboo, wool, velour, microfleece, wouldn't you rather have that next to baby's soft skin.
6.  You wouldn't want to wear paper underwear - No really, would you?
5. Cloth-diapered babies are easier to potty learn - babies who wear cloth diapers are easier to potty train because they know what wet feels like, disposables keep them so dry it can be harder for them to understand.
4.  Cloth Diapers are cute - Check out some of the cloth diapers on the market today.  They're colorful, fashionable and fluffy!
3.  They're better for baby - Disposable contain a myriad of chemicals and gels to absorb moisture.  Why would you put this next to baby's most sensitive skin?  Check out the number of parents complaining of chemical burns from a major cloth diaper company.
2.  They're better for the planet - A single disposable diaper requires 2/3 cup of oil to be made and can take several hundred years to decompose, all while leaching toxic chemicals and human waste into the Earth!  Need I say more?
1.  Protect their future - So if cloth diapering is healthier for baby and the planet, it's one of the best ways to ensure you protect their future right from the start.