Viva la revolution! My Interview with Jessica - The Cloth Diaper Revolution

Tell us a little bit about the Cloth Diaper Revolution.  I started The Cloth Diaper Revolution for several reasons. My main goal is to get more babies into cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are wreaking havoc on our environment and I want my son to grow up somewhere beautiful! I wanted to teach people how easy, economical and wonderful cloth diapers are because there are so many misconceptions about them.

How did you get started cloth diapering? I started researching cloth diapering while I was pregnant. Lucky for me I was a part of the Mothering Magazine forums during my pregnancy and I was able to learn a lot there, they have an entire section of their forums dedicated specifically to cloth diapering. I knew that I wanted to use them because I want to generate as little waste as possible, and saving money is a huge plus. Plus cloth diapers look so cute on babies!

 What's your favorite thing about cloth diapering? I love everything about it! From the fact that they look super cute on, picking out a diaper is like picking out an outfit, to the fact that I have never had to run to the store to buy diapers.

 What has been your biggest diapering challenge? The only challenges that I have really had were in the very beginning of my cloth diapering experience. It takes a little trial and error at first for some things. There were a few nights where I would have a leaky diaper, but after some experimenting I found some solutions that worked for us and haven't had a leak since!
What do you think is the biggest myth surrounding cloth diapering? There are several big ones. One that I hear all the time is that it takes so much extra time to cloth diaper. When people think of cloth diapering I think they still think of folding and pins, and not the throw on and go just like disposable systems that they have today. It takes no more time to cloth diaper than it does to us disposables! There's not even any extra laundry! I throw my diapers in the wash, press a button, then walk away. So easy!

What advice do you have for moms who want to cloth diaper?  Just do it! I know so many moms who wanted to cloth diaper then waited a while before they actually started. As soon as they started they wished they had just done it from the beginning!  I would also suggest starting out with a variety of diapers, not just one kind. Some diapers work for some babies and some don't. Play around with it you'll find a system you love. There's no right or wrong way to cloth diaper!

Jessica is the founder of The Cloth Diaper Revolution.  She blogs at The Hip (Single) Mama and owns the cloth diaper shop Little Owls.